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Sunflowers Shimmer

I don’t talk about it much, but I have been writing some poetry.  I took a class this summer, and enjoyed it thoroughly, as I have never learned much about it.  So tonight, I have decided to share… This is one of my favorites so far…

Sunflowers Shimmer

Sunflowers shimmer

As dew drops dance

On petals translucent

Stalks green as garnet

Sway gently in warm wispy breezes

Stretching for silos casting…

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Hello September!

So, yes, I am back.  I ended up taking August off to work on some stuff around here.  Re-learning how to drive, moving into/organizing my new studio, health, ect.  Plus DH was busy at work too, so that always changes the balance around here…

But I have got a little fun, ‘arty’ stuff done in between (Many of them are cards, nice little projects ;) ), and can’t wait to share some of it with you! …

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