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We Made It 12 Years (or 33?)

We Made It 12 Years (or 33?)

Blair and I celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary yesterday.  (But a while ago, we sat down and figured out we had known each other since we were pre-school age.  I had a ‘Aunt’ who used to babysit me all the time while my mom worked.  Blair lived 2 doors down from them.  Even now I have distinct memories of playing outside with all the neighborhood kids (if not Blair and his sister…

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Pink Thank You Card

Pink Thank You Card

I don’t really know what I was thinking.  I was having a pink day.  And that is not a surprise, I love pink.  But for some reason, I decided to put A LOT of every color of pink I had on it… This was the result…

2013-08-09 22.57.37aOkay, would have been better with more layers, and it isn’t quite this bright in person… but, I think this one will live in a box for a reeaaalllllllllyyyyyy long time ;)

(unless someone…

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Happy Pi Day!

Hi guys… Yes, I am still here…

Been busy here lately.  I am taking 2 classes and trying to stay on top of them, as well as fighting a couple sinus infections, and working on things for my etsy shop… I think I will put them in here too, under my “for sale” tab, but I will let you know when that is happening… I am looking at some inserts for Midori’s, some cards, maybe even some ACEO’s… and of…

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